Pretty Alert!

Really happy about this cottage wreath:

This was made on foam and using the following flowers and foliage:
Gum, Sweet William, Aster, Gyp, Forest Lace and, my favourite flower at the moment, Hydrangea.

I love how the colours compliment each other. I especially love them against the colour and patterning of the concrete!

Your thoughts? And what's your flower of the moment?


Amy said...

This is pretty and reminds me when I was a flower girl had to wear one of these but with roses instead.

You're getting really good at this floristry stuff.


how cute, you were a flower girl! sadly, i never got to be a flower girl.

Sara and Emma said...

This is really pretty.

Sofi Stellar said...

This is so sweet! It's so perfect for spring.

My favorite flower is daffodils or Lilies...lilies smell amazing, but daffodils are just so sweet and always mean that spring has arrived!


Sofi Stellar, I have never smelled daffodils, but will now make it my mission to do so!

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